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Building Respect: Examining Common Behaviors That Threaten Marriage

From the moment two people decide to spend their lives together, building and maintaining respect in a marriage is often one of the most important factors in keeping the relationship healthy and strong. But too often, one or both partners develop behaviors that can threaten respect in a marriage.

This article will examine the most common kinds of behaviors that destroy respect in marriage, as well as what couples need to do to develop and sustain a healthy level of respect.

1. What is Respect in a Marriage?

Respect in a marriage is about how both partners treat each other. It is an ongoing process that involves understanding, listening, and validating each other’s feelings.

Respect in a marriage gives each partner a sense of worth and appreciation. Respect for your partner is not something that can be taken for granted. It needs to be actively demonstrated in all areas of the relationship.

A few ways to respect your spouse include:

  • Giving them space – including physical, mental, and emotional
  • Listening to their opinions and not forcing your own
  • Avoiding hurtful comments and nasty remarks
  • Being honest and trusting each other

These few steps will go a long way in reviving, protecting, and deepening a loving marital bond. Having respect in a marriage will create a bond that will stand the test of time and keep your marriage strong, happy, and healthy.

2. Common Behaviors that Undermine Respect


Belittling someone’s opinions, ideas or accomplishments can indicate that you do not appreciate or respect them. Even if you don’t believe the other person’s points, it’s important to remain respectful. Otherwise, it can come across as arrogant, condescending, or overly critical.

Failing to recognize something

An even subtler way to demonstrate disrespect is by failing to recognize something important to the other person. This could include not celebrating someone’s small successes or not listening to their input. When someone feels like their efforts are not appreciated, it can indicate to them that the other person does not see them as valuable or worthy of respect.

Respect in Marriage

3. Communication is Key to Respectful Marriages

The way spouses interact is a fundamental factor in successful marriages. Communication is the key to conflict resolution, expressing affection, and voicing grievances.

If there’s a breakdown in the lines of communication, it can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings, which can have a detrimental effect on any relationship.

Married couples should remember that communication won’t always come easy, but it is an essential part of marriage. Here are a few tips to help you stay connected:

  • Be patient with each other.
  • Express yourself properly.
  • Listen actively to your partner.
  • Take time to really hear your partner and don’t make assumptions about what they are saying.
  • Be open and honest with each other.
  • Resolve conflicts in a respectful manner.

Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy and respectful marriage. By understanding each other’s feelings and needs, married couples can have a better understanding of and appreciation for one another. Don’t be afraid to take the time to talk and reconnect.

4. Tools to Rebuild Respect in Your Marriage

Rebuilding Respect at Home

Respect is one of the most important qualities for a healthy, successful marriage. Although it is not always easy, there are tools to help couples rebuild respect in the relationship. Here are some helpful strategies:

  • Regular and open communication
  • Building trust through small acts of kindness
  • Apologizing and forgiving
  • Active listening

Good communication is vital since it can reduce misunderstandings, and help each partner better understand how the other is feeling. Having an open dialogue—meaning an exchange of thoughts and ideas openly and without judgment—helps couples to connect on a deeper level.

Building trust can also be really important in developing and maintaining respect in a marriage. When communicating, try to be as kind as possible, especially when it comes to dealing with conflict. If there have been hurts or unresolved issues in the past, be willing to apologize and forgive.

Doing this can help restore closeness and trust. Lastly, be sure to practice active listening—listen closely and respond with understanding and empathy. If both people focus on listening and hearing each other, the exchange of thoughts and feelings can become a way to rebuild respect in the marriage.

Respect in Marriage
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5. The Impact of Respectful Marriages on Well-Being

Marriages and relationships can have a lot of long-term effects on partnerships and the individuals involved, and respect is a key factor. Respectful marriages tend to have positive effects on one’s well-being, such as:

  • Improved intimacy and connection in partnership: When both parties are respectful of different views and opinions, it helps to increase understanding and create a better connection between the two.
  • Decreased stress and conflict: When respect is shown, couples are less likely to get into stressful or negative arguments. Having an environment free of conflict can help partners feel emotionally and mentally healthier.
  • Stronger relationships with others: Respectful relationships can help to build strong relationships with family and friends outside of the marriage, leading to positive and rewarding interactions.

The ability to handle life changes: when people are able to lean on their partner for support or advice, it can help make difficult life transitions easier. Respectful marriages can also help provide a sense of stability and security when facing major life changes.


In conclusion, building respect in marriage is a habit that can easily be lost and must constantly be fostered, in order to sustain a strong relationship. The importance of understanding how everyday behaviors contribute to a respectful bond – or tear it apart – cannot be underestimated. Respectful relationships require two parties to work together and are worth the effort.

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