Water Trick: Peel Garlic Easily in 9 Steps

Looking‍ for a⁢ cool kitchen hack?‍ If⁤ you want to⁢ find an easy way to peel garlic, you’ve come to the right place. You ​can peel garlic swiftly and efficiently using a “water trick”. In this article, we’ll outline the nine steps ​you need to follow to get‍ that peeling‌ job done quickly. So let’s get​ started!

1. Get Ready to Peel Garlic Easily in 9 Steps with‍ the Water​ Trick

1. Soak ⁤the ​cloves – Start⁢ by soaking ⁣the ⁤cloves in a bowl of ⁢hot water from ‌the tap ⁢and ​let ⁣them sit for 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll see the skin start to pull away from the⁣ cloves.

2. Separate⁢ cloves ​– Take the garlic out​ of the ⁤water and⁢ separate any ‍cloves that are stuck together.

3. Apply ⁢pressure ⁤– ⁢Put each clove between two fingers and ‍ apply pressure to the clove. The skin should easily come off.

4.⁤ Remove⁣ the skin ⁢– Peel the skin off each clove and discard it.

5. Slice the cloves – Slice each of the‍ peeled cloves into ‍thin ⁤pieces.

6. Crush ⁤the garlic – Place⁣ the garlic⁤ slices in a ‍garlic press. ⁣Squeeze ⁤the handle to ⁣crush ⁣the garlic into paste.

7. Chop the garlic– ​Alternatively, chop the garlic with a sharp knife‌ if you don‘t​ have a garlic press.

8.Store garlic paste⁣ or slices – ​Transfer the garlic paste or sliced garlic to a ⁤storage container and​ seal it tight.

9. Freeze the garlic – ​You ⁣can​ store garlic in the freezer for up to ⁤a ⁤few months. Chopped garlic can be stored in an ice cube⁤ tray and​ frozen.

2. Step 1: Gather Supplies

The first step in peeling⁣ garlic in the water trick is‍ gathering everything you need. To do this trick, you will need:

  • A bowl filled with ‌ cold water
  • Garlic cloves
  • A wide, ⁣shallow container

The bowl should​ be deep enough to⁤ submerge the garlic cloves while still ‍leaving plenty of room for them to move about. A wide, shallow container is‌ the second part of⁢ this step; it will be used to scoop and shake the garlic cloves around in the bowl.

Once everything is ready, the actual trick can begin. ⁢Make sure all the supplies are available ⁣before moving ‌on to the next step. ​

3. Step 2: Separate Garlic Cloves

Now it ⁤is time to get ​to the messy and ​most time consuming step. Separating the garlic from the head can be tricky, so take your time here. There are⁤ several ways to do this. Here are the methods you can follow:

  • Hand‌ Separating – ⁤Using your ‍fingers, carefully start to ​pull‍ apart⁤ the individual cloves. It may take some ⁢practice, but it will‌ get easier the more you do it. Make sure you hold each garlic head‌ at the stem end.
  • Knife Separating – You can also​ use a knife to help separate ​the cloves⁣ from ⁤the⁣ garlic head. Gently ⁢hold the garlic with your fingertips‍ and slice each close in half using a sharp knife. ‍This ⁢way is faster, but it‌ takes ‍some⁢ practice to perfect it.

Once you have separated the cloves, you should have a pile of‍ individual garlic cloves. Now⁢ you are⁣ ready to move on to ⁤the next step in⁤ your cooking.

4. Step ⁣3: Soak ‍Garlic Cloves in Water

Now that you have prepped the garlic, it’s time⁤ to soak ⁤it in‍ water. There are ⁣a⁢ few⁣ ways you ‍can do​ this:

  • Two to three cloves: fill a bowl with ⁣warm water and add garlic cloves.⁤ Let it soak for 10 minutes.
  • More than three cloves: fill a⁣ pot with water and place garlic cloves in⁢ the pot. ‌Bring it to a ‍low simmer, and ‌turn ‌off the heat. Let it steep for 10 minutes.

This method serves several purposes. It hydrates​ the garlic to ensure⁣ even ‍cooking. And⁢ the most important⁤ part: it makes it easier to peel off the skin. As the cloves soak,​ their skin will start lifting off. At this⁣ point, simply pop the garlic out – the cloves should come right off.

You can⁣ now move on to the cooking process.

5. Step 4: Use‍ a Stable Cutting Board

Now it’s time ​to use a cutting‌ board.‌ For ‍this trick to work, it has to be ⁣stable and on a flat surface. When you have a‍ stable board, follow these steps:

  • Place the garlic‍ cloves ‍ on the board and⁢ press them down with the ⁣palm ‍of your hand.
  • Using a ​sharp knife, cut each⁤ clove in half.
  • Take one clove ⁢ in each hand ⁢and press it lightly on the board.
  • Using the same⁤ knife,​ rub the garlic clove in circular motion ⁣in a very gentle way.

After a few‍ rubs, you will see that the skin has started to come off.​ Now⁣ repeat ⁣these steps for all the remaining cloves and you are done! ‍

6. Step 5: Slice off the Top of the Clove

Now that you’ve got the ‍cloves out, slice off the top portion.‌ Grab the top part of the ⁤clove and carefully use a ⁢knife to remove the tip.‌ This will expose the lovely garlic pieces ‌that lie‌ beneath the parchment-like skin without ruining them.

  • Be careful, go slowly and make ‍sure you’re ⁢in full control.
  • Don’t ⁤push too‍ hard; a light pressure ⁢should do the job just fine.

You can adjust the lengths of the cloves by slicing ⁢off the top as much as you want‌ — use a knife to do it as much as possible. Once done, you should be able to break apart the garlic​ paper/skin ⁣into its individual cloves effortlessly.

7. Step 6: Put the‌ Clove ⁤Under ⁢Running Water

Clinging to the⁢ paper skin ⁣of the garlic head,‍ the seemingly impenetrable cloves must be ​broken ⁣free next. Hold the garlic firmly below ‍the ‌cut surface‌ of the cloves and use your other hand ⁣to push ‌one side of ⁢a clove with your thumb. It ​should make a split in ​the center and then you can easily pull and pry the hull away.

The skin should then‌ be‍ loose and easily removable ‍with just ⁤one gentle ‍tug​ with⁣ your elbow. However, if it’s‌ still clinging on you should give your ‌clove a thorough rinse ‍in cold⁣ water.

Here’s​ how to​ do it:

  • Take the clove and place ​it under ⁣cold running water.
  • Let‍ the⁣ water hit the clove from different angles.
  • Continue this for a few seconds​ and ⁤the skin should separate from the clove.
  • Allow the clove⁣ to air‍ dry.

When you’re⁢ done, the clove should now‌ be skinless and ready for the next step in‌ your ⁤garlic ‌peeling journey!

8.⁤ Step 7:‍ Peel Away the Skin

The next ‌step involves removing the skin of the garlic clove. ⁤With your​ hands, begin ‌to lightly massage the garlic clove. Then, you can begin to use your fingertips ⁤to⁤ peel away the skin. Use a light touch⁣ as too much pressure can mash the garlic clove.

Here are some⁢ tips to help you with this ⁣step:

  • ‍ Try ⁤placing ⁣the garlic clove flat on the chopping board and roll it⁣ to loosen the skin.
  • Use a ⁣paring knife to scrape off any pieces of skin the‍ cling to the‍ clove
  • If⁢ you have trouble peeling the⁣ garlic ‍skin, try soaking the clove⁤ in⁤ warm water for a few minutes

Once you’ve peeled away ⁢the skin, you can use the garlic clove for ‌whatever recipe you’re cooking up!

9. Step ‌8: Make Sure⁢ to Remove All Skin

Now that you’ve broken the garlic⁢ into pieces, the skin needs‍ to‌ be​ removed. There‍ are two methods ​that work in⁣ this⁢ step.

  • Method 1: Pick off the skin with your fingers. ‍You ⁤can ‍use a paring​ knife to peel off ⁣any stubborn pieces.
  • Method⁣ 2: Put the pieces of garlic ‍into a bowl ​of cold water, and leave ‍for a few minutes. When you come back,⁣ you should‌ be able to remove the skin with ease –⁤ it will ​have softened. ⁢

Be careful not to lose any of the garlic‍ whilst you ‍are peeling it! Make sure‌ to place the skin onto a‌ paper towel or‍ into a ‌garbage bowl. ‍You’re almost done now!

10. Step 9: Enjoy Easily-Prepared ⁢Garlic Cloves

You made it ​to the last ⁣step! Now you can⁤ enjoy your ⁣delicious, easy-to-prepare garlic cloves. This very simple trick ‌gives‍ you a fast and efficient ‌way ⁤to ‍peel​ the garlic, without worrying about⁤ any mess in the kitchen. You can use these now-bare cloves to cook for ⁢a tasty meal. Here’s what you need to remember when enjoying the garlic.⁤

  • Mash the cloves – Mash up the garlic cloves with a knife to make them‌ into ⁤a paste. They can easily be blended into stews, gravies,⁤ and sauces.
  • Cook them ‌ – You ‌can use ⁢the‌ peeled ⁢garlic in‌ any number of ways. Saute, ⁤roast, or even use in a soup. Regardless of how ​you choose⁤ to ⁤use them, ‍simply cooking them with⁢ some oil will bring out the flavor of the​ garlic.
  • Season⁣ the cloves – For ⁢some extra flavor, you⁤ can season the garlic cloves with some herbs and spices. This perk up any dish you ⁢decide to make.

And ⁢don’t forget to ‍enjoy the peeled⁢ garlic. ⁤It’s a good source of ⁢vitamins, minerals,⁢ and antioxidants.

‌ If you needed any additional convincing ⁢for the‌ water ⁤trick, hopefully you⁣ now know how easy it is to peel garlic using this method! No matter how you feel about garlic, this easy process for peeling garlic makes it easier than ever to use fresh‌ garlic ‌for all ⁣your cooking needs.

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